Other Brothers

Kingdom Brothers’ “Other Brothers”

JR PayneJR Payne, the first of several great Kingdom Brothers drummers,  performed on the band’s debut album, Shine a Light, and in concert through 2011, before leaving the group to pursue a career in communications.


Dick ZempelDick Zempel, original sax player for The Benders with Kingdom Brother Bob, appears regularly with the band on tenor and bari. Dick can also be seen in concert with his three sons The Smooth Talkin’ Perverts, and as a member of The Dogtown Horns backing up Mama’s Pride, Edge City Orchestra, Skylark Brothers, High Fashion Kings, and an Allman Brothers tribute band – The Brothers.


Beth TuttleKingdom Sister Beth Tuttle, jazz singer, pianist, photographer and graphic artist, designed the cover for Shine a Light, and shares the stage with the band in concert several times each year. Beth performs locally in St. Louis with various jazz artists, and can be found Sunday mornings on the Clayton Community Church Worship Team with Kingdom Brothers Bob and Stan. Beth’s popular annual holiday concert has been memorialized on CD – Beth Tuttle and Friends: Christmas Kiss Live, at The Sheldon.


Matthew LeschMatt “The Rattlesnake” Lesch was only 15 years old when he first appeared onstage with Kingdom Brothers after winning a local talent contest. Still seen occasionally with the band, Matt can be regularly found sitting in throughout the St. Louis area with many of the established blues artists.


John HartmannJohn Hartmann, a veteran of the St. Louis area blues scene, is always available to help out and stand in for Kingdom Brother Ron.


A Block AwayDutch Schultz, St. Louis area blues singer and leader of the R&B band The Untouchables, filled in with Kingdom Brothers as a vocalist when needed, until his unexpected sudden death in January 2015. Members of Kingdom Brothers appear on Dutch’s only full-length CD, A Block Away.


Dennis RoussinDennis Roussin regularly appeared with Kingdom Brother Ron in the show band Sh-Boom, and is one of several drummers who worked with the band following the departure of founding member JR Payne.

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