Stan Gill, Keyboard

Stan Gill Kingdom Brothers Band St. Louis imageStan Gill comes to Kingdom Brothers by way of the rock clubs and the church music ministry. His screaming B3 sound, learned from the 70s’ classic rockers, and the pounding honky-tonk piano phrasing of the old southern gospel groups can be easily recognized in Kingdom Brothers’ high-energy blues. A gutsy singer with good vocal range, Stan adds that harmony behind lead singer Chris Shepherd loved by Kingdom Brothers’ fans.

Stan has been playing the piano since before he could sit still. A Southern Illinois native, Stan grew up under the influence of a lot of local rock bands. Stan picked up a combo organ and started working with his high school buddies, playing teen clubs and social events across the state, covering top-40 and album-oriented rock favorites from the radio. When the big rockin’ horn bands became popular, Stan added a saxophone, flute and harmonica to his gear and helped write the arrangements.

Meanwhile Stan’s older brother Dick played guitar on the Illinois college campuses with The TimeAtions, a five-piece group that would later move to Champaign-Urbana and become platinum-selling recording artists, Head East. Stan followed them to the University of Illinois, and traveled with the band across the country for six years as keyboard roadie and stage manager, before returning to the St. Louis area, once again playing the rock clubs and outdoor festivals.

Life in St. Louis led Stan to Clayton Community Church where the best St. Louis bluegrass and R&B players were known to lead worship services every Sunday. It wasn’t long before Stan was a regular member of the team, on piano and organ. It was at Clayton that Bob Walther approached Stan about forming a blues band he wanted to call Kingdom Brothers. The rest, as they say, is history. A life-long transition from rock to gospel to blues has brought Stan to this long-anticipated musical destination. He never regrets where he’s been, and he loves where he’s landed.

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