As of this morning, we have raised $3,741 towards our album project, two weeks ahead of the deadline. We thank all of you who have donated toward this. However, you can still donate and receive the perks associated with your donation until JULY 31! In addition to your perk, all those who have donated (even $1!) will receive a free download of our first single release, Signs of the Times, before our official release date, which is yet to be determined. THANKS AGAIN!!

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We need your help! We have recorded 13 tracks for a new album, tentatively called "Signs of the Times". This album consists of original material that we have been writing during the pandemic, and popular numbers from our live show that we have recorded in the studio. We have done this so far out of our own pockets, but to continue with the project, we will need YOUR help! Our remaining budget is for mixing and mastering the project, production of physical CD's, and t-shirts for promotional purposes. This would cost approximately $3500. There will be perks for anyone donating to the project. They would include: 

$10-pre order the digital download of the album 

$25- An autographed CD  

$50-An autographed CD with a t-shirt 

$100- Two autographed CD's, two t-shirts 

$150- A guitar or drum lesson with Ron or Rusty along with a CD and t-shirt 

$250- A house concert by the Kingdom Brothers Duo (Chris and Ron) along with an autographed CD, t-shirt, and your name in the liner notes! (donor must live within 100 miles of St. Louis for concert). 

$500-A concert by the entire band, along with an autographed CD, t-shirt, and your name in the liner notes! (donor must live within 100 miles of St. Louis for concert). 

Our goal is to complete this project by JULY 31ST! Not a lot of time, but we're confident that you, our friends, will come through to help us! 

There will possibly be other perks as well-keep tuned to this page. You can donate as little as $1.00, and we will send you a personal video of thanks! If you can't give anything at this time, we would ask for you to share this page on social media for us. Spread the word!! Thanks for your support!!!! 


Australia! June 2019 

  So we've been back about a week, and I'm over the jet lag and had a bit of time to process everything that happened on the trip. To quote Chris Shepherd, "playing was the easiest part". We had so much fun playing with great Australian musicians like Rick Melick, Rosscoe Clark and Rudy Miranda. Rick was with us on keyboards through all six shows, and was not only a great musician but as he said, "a great hang". Rosscoe is probably the best shuffle drummer in all of Australia and one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Rick and Rosscoe came to us through Darren Jack's band. Darren has won several Austrailan Blues awards and is a fabulous vocalist and guitarist. We met Darren at the IBC when we competed, and Bob worked this tour out with Darren's help. Darren graciously opened for us the first three shows. I have to mention Rudy Miranda, who came in to help us out on the last show when we were in a jam. Rudy is one of the best session drummers in Australia, walked in with all the songs charted in one day and nailed the gig. Did I happen to mention that we didn't rehearse with any of them before the first show, and it came out perfectly? Major kudos to them and thanks!

  The people in Australia are among the friendliest in the world, and were very enthusiastic audiences. Most of the venues were hotels, which in Australia were renovated to have a restaurant, bar, band stage and a gaming room. Really interesting places, and I think places like these could go over here at home. Most Australians live on the coast, or only a few hundred miles inland. We stayed on the east coast mainly in the Sydney area, going north and south from there. Our gigs were usually several hours apart, so we were on the road traveling a lot, usually returning to our home base of Coogee, which was just south of Sydney. I have to mention James Glendenning, a local DJ who took us on a day tour of the Sydney area, going all the way from the Blue Mountains to the Sydney Opera house, and our wonderful Air B and B hosts who took us to lunch, a hike along the bay, and even bought an NHL package so we could watch game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals! Thanks so much to everyone we met-we learned about driving on the left side of the road (and finding kangaroo road kill) flat whites, tim-tams, two dollar coins, and some great food, including Black Bear Barbecue, a great barbecue place in Blacktown. Thanks, Chop!!

  There were some hurdles to overcome in the tour, like our luggage (and my pedalboard and Chris's strat) left at LAX while we went on to Sydney, navigating around the country with an ipad that we had to load directions on whenever we found a wifi connection, a motel room in Canberra that was the size of a closet, and hours of driving between shows. All of these were worth it though, to play to fans of the blues that live 10,000 miles away. Thanks, Australia, for giving us so many great memories!


2015 International Blues Challenge Semifinalists